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Updated: Jan 3, 2021

When you buy a new car, dechrome and window tints are first things to modify. Clear windows just look too flat isn't it. Everyone can see who is driving, what is inside in the car and not many people know that window tinting protects from harmful UV rays your skin and interior of your new whip.

Lamborghini Hurracan Window Tinting
Lamborghini Hurracan Window Tinting

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Tinted vehicle windows: The law

The rules for tinted front windscreens and front side windows will depend on when the vehicle was first used, but there are no rules for tinting the rear windows. The legal shade for front windscreen and side windows is 70% light through.

Link for more info on gov.uk

Which tint looks best?

Very common question indeed. Although, very simple to answer. There are literally only a few options to choose from. On the one hand it is a shade you want to go with, and on the another - DIY or professionally tinted windows. Yep :)

So what's wrong with DIY? Of course there are talented people who can tint their windows and save some money, but the most DIY tints we get to re do are terrible with loads of creases, burnt, with tons of contamination under the film or even simply slapped on the glass without any attempt to form the film when installing. Besides that, professional window tinting company don't really use cheap car tint from eBay or Amazon. It is preamium window tinting film with manufacturer life time warranty usually.

How much does it cost?

There are many places to get windows tinted in Birmingham, UK. And the price range would be between £80.00 to £300.00 and sometimes more than that, as will depend on the car and package you want to go with. Obviously 2 door car and a 4x4 truck would be priced differently.

Here at Wrap Brothers we have a standard package where we can fit in most of the cars for £140.00 for full sides and rear window tints. Basically, rear windscreen, rear side windows and front side windows. Contact us for your window tint deal. Please don't forget to tell what car is it (make, model, year) and what shades you want.

How do I know what shade to get?

Here is the example of the most common shades of the tint, usually we go for 20% on the back and 50-70% on the front, sometimes the darkest 5% limo black (maximum privacy) for the rear and 20% for the rest. Windscreen usually 70%.

Window Tint Shades
Window Tint Shades

How to remove window tint

The main issue when removing window tint is a glue left on the window. To avoid that you need to heat the film at the same time when removing it. Steamer works best here, not too hot, not too cold.

Head lights and Tail lights tint

Car light tinting is getting more and more popular. You can achieve very nice results with tinted lights. We have in stock two shades for the lights 5% and 50%. This film is thick and will protect your car lights from stone chips and scratches, also gives a firm look.

Wouldn't go 5% for the front thou

Thanks for coming here, hope this post helps. Contact us for your window tints quote :)

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