Should I dechrome my 🚗car? Before and after.

Mercedes-Benz AMG front grill with chrome
Mercedes-Benz AMG front grill with chrome

So what is a car dechrome?

Dechrome or chrome delete or anti-chrome is application of a gloss black vinyl wrap on to chrome parts of your vehicle exterior, which gives your car a better look and moreover, it helps to protect chrome from scratches and slow down corrosion processes. Also we often offer this service inclusive with the full vehicle wraps.

When you buy a brand new car there are original factory modifications. Mercedes-Benz Night package, BMW Shadow line, Audi Black edition, Volkswagen Black edition and I guess the rest of the VAG Group have the same title. There the most of the chrome trims are factory painted gloss black. These factory mods aren't cheap and most of the cars usually sold with the standard chrome trims.

Before and after

On the photo below we did Audi Q7 full dechrome - gloss black front grill, gloss black trims around windows, gloss black roof rails, changed badges to gloss black (bought a new set which was originally painted), matte black side steps.

Audi Q7 front grille gloss black dechrome. Left side before, right side - after.
Audi Q7 front grille gloss black dechrome. Left side before, right side - after.

How much does it cost?

The price for dechrome job will depend on the car and amount of hours we would need to spend on it. Some cars will need dismantling for a best possible quality. Usually it will take up to two days to complete the wrap. A rough cost would be between £200 and £500.

	If you want a quote for your car please e-mail us your car details such as make, model, year and / or 📷 photos.

DIY kits of eBay and Amazon

If you want to save some money and have a spare day or two, you can try to get DIY dechrome kit online. To be honest with you, some sellers have good stuff there for a reasonable price.

3M 2080 Satin Black
3M 2080 Satin Black

This roll is 35mm width and 10m length for £20, which is not bad. All you need is a lot of spare time and some tools like heat gun, squeegee, tacking tool, knife. Also you may need trim removal tools and definitely - cleaning stuff.

Try it for yourself, maybe you can save some money on a dechrome for your Mini 56R😁.

Thanks 😉

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