✔ How to remove car decals without damaging your paintwork

If you have any stickers or decals on your car and it is time to change them or you simply want to sell your car and keep it factory standard, obviously you will need to get rid of your existing decals and graphics.

Wrap Brothers removing graphics. Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG
Wrap Brothers removing graphics. Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG

All tools you will need for a safe decal removal

A good thing is that you don't need loads of expensive tools for this job and most of you will have them at home or somewhere in your garage. Any heat gun or hair dryer and something to lift the edge of the decal, like plastic scraper in the picture below.

How to remove decals

Firstly, we would recommend to wash your car, and after that start removing decals and stickers.

When it is clean and ready, plug in your heat gun and apply heat on the decal to make it warm, but do not over heat it as this may burn and pull lacquer of the paintwork. Then use plastic scraper (or your nail if you don't have one) to lift the edge of the graphics and pull it slowly.

Make sure that decal is warm enough when you removing it, if it is cold it will rip, and may cause damage, so be careful here.

Cleaning off the glue left on the car

Really bad glue residue from vinyl graphics
Really bad glue residue from vinyl graphics

Sometimes you will have some glue left on the car. This is OK, it happens very often. To clean it off you will need some GLUE REMOVER or ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL. Apply it on the tissue and carefully clean the glue off.

When paintwork is faded

That happens because of the sun. Uncovered paintwork fades a little bit after a while and when your decals removed you can see the difference between the area with direct sun light and area which was under the vinyl decal.

You can flatten it out and make consistent colour with no evidence of vinyl decals.😉 All you need to do is polish your car and you good to go!


P.S. If you in Birmingham and don't want to do it yourself, please get in touch. 😉

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