💷 How much does it cost to wrap a car?

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Before we dive in to the topic, I would like to say that car wrap is getting more and more popular in the world and across the UK. The main reasons of this hype is a cost effective way to make your car stand out on the busy roads. With hundreds of unique and eye catching colours and custom designs tailored only for you.

What affects the price for a car wrap?

Let's break all this down..

Size of the car

In general the small car wrap in satin black like let's say Abarth 595 would cost less than Audi RS6 wrapped in the same satin black vinyl. The size of the vehicle will affect price of your wrap simply because more material is needed to cover a full car.

Shape of the car

The complexity of the car would make a huge difference for a wrap cost. For example if we want to wrap a McLaren 720S and BMW M4 in a popular gloss purple vinyl. I think it is obvious that McLaren shapes are much more complicated and will take much more time for a quality wrap application.

Design of the wrap

At this stage we hit one of the most widest options in a vehicle wrapping industry. This is a complete custom design tailored for you and price on each design will be different as one can be fully digitally printed wrap like themed marvel comics heroes, favorite movie themes, and another can be made of a various solid colour vinyl, colour shift effect vinyl wrap (some people would say chameleon wraps), chrome wraps, two faced vinyl wraps (two different colour transition wrap), camouflage patterns and more.

It is incredibly difficult to give a rough price on such wraps as every project is completely different. Best you can do to figure out how much it would cost is to have your examples ready along with the car make, model, year and modifications (if it is not a stock body kit) and ask for a quote your nearest car wrapping company.

The condition of your existing paintwork

Who would expect that the state of your current paintwork is so important when pricing your vehicle wrap, when it is covering on top and can hide even the dents!

Haha. Only joking, no car wrap can cover imperfections of your paintwork such as deep stone chips, dents, deep scratches and rust. Vinyl wrap is a thin material and all this damage would be seen through the wrap. All these issues must be sorted before you can actually get your car wrapped in a fresh new colour or head turner design.

Most car wrapping shops would charge additional fees for sorting your car body work to the suitable for seamless colour change vinyl wrap. Some of them wouldn't even book you in for a wrap until it is sorted, because no one can guarantee that wrap would perform as good on the damaged surface as on the good paintwork.

After market body kits

If you plan to get after market body kit fitted to your car best thing to do is fit it after your car is wrapped.

After market body kit
After market body kit

Usually, these body kits are screwed in to your existing body and sealed with the sealant so it can hold properly. But when it comes to wrap with such body kit installed to your vehicle it needs to come off and all sealant must be cleaned. Cleaning it out of the car will take a lot of time and also removing it may cause some damage to your paint work. Be aware of this to keep your car wrap price lower and install it after your car is wrapped.

Existing vinyl wrap or graphics

Any existing wrap or graphics must be removed and it takes time. After it is removed all surface must be cleaned off the glue residue from the previous wrap or vinyl graphics. Sometimes it can take couple of days just to prepare a car for a wrap when it comes to re-wrapping. Cleaning off the glue is the most annoying part and nobody likes it especially if previous wrap was installed by other company. Sometimes it can involve a lot of dismantling to fully remove previous wrap.

The types of the wrapping vinyl

There are lots of different vinyl wraps on the market. The most expensive vinyl is chrome and textured effects vinyl material, also there are different brands and they have a different pricing as well.

Before you get a quote please have in mind colours and finishes you want, as most of them have different prices. Chrome, colour shift, pearlescent, satin, matt, metallic, satin metallic, matt metallic, gloss, high gloss - all of them are at different prices.

If you have chosen colour you want, my best advice to you is to compare prices with different vinyl brands, sometimes you can find a similar colour for a better price.

Considering all this your wrap will cost between £1,000 - £5,000 (or even more)

Please contact us for your car wrap :)

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