👌Best TIPS for your fleet design

Now, when you know why vehicle branding is so important for your business. We prepared some tips and best practice we use for vehicle graphics design.

What design software to use and what file types are good for print?

There are loads of design software available which you can use to create vehicle graphics. The most popular are Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw. So which one should you use?

When creating vector images or lettering for a plotter cut graphics you really need to stick with Illustrator or CorelDraw as your graphics company will require vector files to produce your graphics. Also both apps can be used to design a print wrap or any other sign you would possibly need.

Adobe Photoshop is ideal for creating realistic vehicle printed wraps and we use it only for editing photos.

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop

Saving your design artwork files



*Make sure you convert your text in to curves or you supply the name of the font to your branding company



*Colours have to be converted to CMYK

Can I use google images for my vehicle branding?

No. You can't use images from google search. There are a few reasons for that, firstly 90% of them will have copy right and you can get in to trouble using them, and secondly almost none of them are suitable for a large format printing simply because of a bad quality. They are too small and if you resize it will come up extremely pixelated.

Where can you get good quality images?

  1. You can buy it from images stock online, there are plenty of them and thousands photos to choose from.

  2. Grab a decent camera and take pictures yourself or hire a photographer.

Vehicle templates

Templates are very handy when it comes to design fleet branding. Most of them are 1:1 scale so you don't need to worry about measuring your van and you can see how your design will look like on the van pretty much straight away.

*If you don't have a template, you can take a picture of your van or a car, measure it's length and make a template yourself (or use google)

Your Logo and fonts

"You can save my logo from a website" - This will not work, unfortunately. Your logo file must be a vector so it could be scaled without picture quality loss. Usually we just re-draw, but it would be really nice to have it ready from the beginning 😁.

Also please provide the font names. It is a HUGE time saver when branding company have these files together. It makes a lot easier to edit, change colour, add some more info, re-word it.

TIPS for your vehicle graphics design

You want people to notice you and remember what your business offer, you want them to take pictures of your van or company car, so they can contact you later. Where ever you sitting in a traffic or went to your local Tesco.

What is the key aspects to get these results?

Firstly, it needs to be eye-catching, good print wrap will deliver it for sure. Nice and bold image on a side of your van will get people to notice you.

Now when you got their attention, you need to say clearly what you offer. Showcase your company name, service or a product you offer. We recommend to use up to 5 bullet points. Less is more. The reason why you should categorise your activities is that it will be easier to remember and easier to read your mobile advert.

Also use up to 3 colours for your writings, if you use more it may be difficult to focus when reading 😊. Although there are so many beautiful colours and finishes like gloss, satin, matte, chrome, pearlescent, reflective and etc.

See you soon in the next blog posts :)

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